Hello there. I'm excited you are here!

My name is Eliana Corredor. I'm a mom, wife, and music educator with over 30 years of experience teaching piano and early childhood music. I'm the founder and one of the teachers of Montgomery Music Studio here in Cincinnati, OH (where I teach in-person a few times a week), and I am also the founder and one of the teachers of Music Time School. MTS is a 100% virtual school where I teach many students worldwide!

A little about me: When I was little, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut because I was (like most kids) fascinated with the sky, the stars, and "The Universe." I am still interested in that universe encompassing our world, the mystery of life itself, and all things considered "spiritual." That is how as a highly reflective person, I later realized that my mission in life would be fulfilled by a humanistic career, even though my favorite subject through high school was math (I once contemplated becoming an engineer!) Music could perfectly marry my artistic inclination with the more practical/mental and numerical aspects of the brain (I still love math!) 

My music learning started with solfeggio at age seven and continued with piano lessons in my native country of Venezuela when I was nine. I continued playing until my second child was born almost 18 years ago. After completing Art History courses at the University of my native town (Mérida), I moved to the capital of my country (Caracas), and my musical college studies were magical, full of diverse experiences, lessons, group classes,  and concert events. As a young adult, I played solo and chamber music and was a soloist with two orchestras, one in Venezuela and another in Central America (El Salvador). I later came to the United States and earned a Master's in piano performance from Butler University. I ended my formal studies at the College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati, where I completed my Artist Diploma. I remember being at UC and thinking I didn't want to be a concert pianist, but rather become a mentor and work with people of all ages. I also wanted an everyday life, and thankfully, I got one! I married my wonderful boyfriend at the time, a Hungarian engineering student, and we decided to stay in the States and grow a family. We have an 18-year-old son, Oliver (also an accomplished piano player), and a 14-year-old special needs daughter, Nina, both wonderful kids who fill our lives with joy and wonder. 

Becoming a piano teacher was the best decision of my adult life career-wise. It is a window that deeply connects me to my love for children and people of all ages, my passion for classical music, brain development, spirituality, and, definitively, a job that I love. One that I plan to continue for the rest of my life!

Join me. Let's have fun learning piano together!